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Frequently Asked Questions from Owners

If you’re a landlord or an investor, you probably have a lot of excellent questions. We’ve tried to answer the most popular Southwest Washington property management questions here. You should also visit our blogs for some in-depth responses to the concerns we hear most often from our clients. If you have a question that’s specific to your property, contact us and we’ll talk about it.

Q: Why should I use a professional management company in Southwest Washington?
A: You’ll save time and money and avoid frustration with professional management. Property managers have experience with rental properties, understand the local market and can help protect you from legal liability, tenant disputes, and property damage.Check out our blog about the 4 Problems Property Management Solves for Landlords.

Q: Can I set limits on who and what occupies my rental property?
A: You can put some limitations in place. For example, you can say no to pets, smoking, and people with prior evictions. However, we need to follow all fair housing laws which means you cannot deny an otherwise qualified person based on things like race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, or familial status.

Q: Who maintains my rental home and makes repairs?
A: We have our own in-house maintenance company which provides high-quality work for affordable prices. We also have access to the best licensed, insured, and qualified vendors in southwest Washington. If you prefer to use your own vendor, talk to us first to make sure you are properly covered from certain liabilities.

Q: How do you communicate?
A: Our team is responsive and accessible. You can reach us in person, online, and by phone. We provide you with a monthly report on how your property is performing, and we’re always available to answer your questions or discuss your property.

Q: How do you choose tenants for my property?
A: Our tenant screening process is fair, consistent, and rigorous. We conduct a full background check and require that tenants earn at least three times the amount of your monthly rent. We check rental history for the last two years and check everything from employment to credit.

Q: What if a tenant doesn’t pay rent?
A: The first step is to contact the tenant when rent is late. If it isn’t paid promptly, we begin the eviction process even though evicting a tenant is the last resort. Our ultimate goal is to get that rent caught up. You can read more about our process in our blog about late rent.

Q: How does a Southwest Washington Property Manager handle the move in and move out process?
A: We carefully document the condition of the property before a tenant moves in, with an inspection report. When the time comes to move out, we then use the same report to compare “before” and “after” condition of the property. This tells us if there are costs that we can pay for with the tenant’s security deposit.

Q: When will I receive my rent payment and how will I get it?
A: You can choose to receive your money through an ACH transfer or a paper check. We process payments the day prior to the last business day of the month. You will receive ACH payments on the last business day of the month. Paper checks can be picked up at our office or mailed to you, depending on your preference. Please note that checks will be mailed on or before the last business day of the month and may take a few days to be delivered to your address.

Q: Do you handle legal issues?
A: We are experienced in all legal issues pertaining to landlords, tenants, and rental properties. We’ll handle everything we can in-house and then turn over complicated issues to our attorney when necessary. We stay up to date on all the local, state, and federal laws.

Q: Do you handle accounting or bookkeeping for my Southwest Washington rental property?
A: Our property management software is designed to efficiently and accurately manage the income and expenses associated with your rental property. We’ll provide you with a report every month.

Q: When will you inspect my rental property?
A: We conduct detailed inspections at the move in and move out periods. We also drive by your home at least once a month to make sure everything looks well-maintained. We do offer, for an additional fee, bi-annual inspections inside the rental property. This comes with a written report of our findings.

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