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Application Process

Thank you for taking an application form. The following information will help to make a smooth application process. Anyone in the office can help you with questions. This process should be completed within 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).Available addresses can be obtained from our office or by viewing our website. You may drive-by to look at the neighborhood and the outside of the residence. Please do not disturb the current tenant if the property is occupied. Contact our office for an appointment to see the inside of a residence. An occupied rental needs a 24-hour notice of a showing.

Your appointment will not “hold” a rental for you. All rentals are on a “first come, first serve” basis. The only thing that will “hold” a rental for you is a completed application and fee. To secure that you will be first in line, you may submit your application and fee prior to the showing.

Each person who is 18 years old and older and is no longer in high school must fill out an application. A $50.00 non-refundable processing fee must accompany each tenant (and co-signer) application. The screening process will include credit reports, rental references, court records and lawful verifiable income. For screening services, T.J. Guyer uses ORCA Information, Inc., PO Box 277, Anacortes, WA 98221, 360-588-1633. Occupants must complete a residential application and pay a $25.00 fee. (On occupants, the application will be processed for public records only.) TJ Guyer does not accept tenant- provided reusable screening reports.

If approved, a $25.00 credit is given for one application and a maximum of $50.00 may be credited for two or more applications. This credit is taken off the first month’s rent. This applies to new leases only. No credit is given for an existing lease. No rent credit is given for the fees paid toward occupant applications.

A commercial applicant must complete a commercial application. The application fee is $75.00. No rent credit is given for commercial application fees. If the commercial applicant is applying for a residential rental, all potential occupants must complete a residential application and pay a $25.00 fee.

T.J. Guyer only accepts and processes one application (or co-tenant applications) per property at a time. Copies of positive picture ID and Social Security Card or equivalent proof of identity (Visa, Passport, etc.) are required with each application. Copies can be made in the office.

If applications are submitted on our web-site, Orca will charge an additional $3.00 processing fee.

The hold on the property will be removed if the application is incomplete or contacts cannot be reached within 48 hours. The application will be placed in the inactive file and the next applicant will be considered. An application can be re-activated within 90 days if the needed information is provided.


  • An applicant’s gross monthly income must equal at least three times the rent. Example: If the rent is $700.00 per month, the minimum gross monthly income would be $2,100.00. Income must be lawful and verifiable. Documentation proving income requirements is required.
  • An applicant must have two years of past rental/mortgage experience. Positive, objective rental references are imperative. A negative or incomplete reference may result in a disqualified application. (RELATIVES DO NOT COUNT AS RENTAL REFERENCES).
    The following are issues that may cause a denial of your application:
    A. FICO score below 550
    B. Unpaid Collections
    C. Bankruptcy within two years
    D. Unlawful Detainer (Eviction)
    E. Negative/Incomplete rental reference
    F. Court records

Exceptions to Standards – “Adverse Action Options”
Due to extenuating circumstances, exceptions to one area of the above standards may be considered, with some “adverse action” being required. A qualified co-signer or additional deposit may be necessary.

The credit report is for our information only. You may contact the screening company, Orca Information, Inc. if a negative credit report is received. When Adverse Action is taken you are entitled to a free copy of your report.

If applicant does not meet the minimum requirements a co-signer will be required. A co-signer must meet the same credit and income requirements as the applicant. Proof of verifiable and legal income is required. If the co-signer is retired or self-employed, retirement papers, an official profit/loss statement or a 1040 IRS form will be accepted. Co-signers must reside in the state of Washington.


  • Pets are not allowed in every rental. Please check our listings closely.
  • A $300.00 pet deposit is required for each pet. There is a $50.00 non-refundable fee retained to probe the carpet for pet urine upon vacating the property. If there is no pet damage, your deposit will be refunded, less the probe fee.
  • Additional monthly pet rent is charged in the amount $25.00.
  • Dogs must be at least one year of age.


  1. MOVE-IN COSTS: A $250.00 Nonrefundable Administrative Fee must be paid within 24 hours of approval notification. The move-in costs are divided into three parts: A $250.00 Nonrefundable Administrative Fee, the Security Deposit and Rent. Funds must be paid with checks or money orders. We do not accept cash. The Nonrefundable Administrative Fee, Deposit and Rent amounts must be paid with three separate checks or money orders. If the applicant rescinds their application when the property has been “held” off the market for them, the Nonrefundable Administrative Fee will be forfeited.
  2. CHECK-IN: An appointment will be scheduled at our office (1646 S Market Blvd.), or with the on-site manager, when the property is ready for occupancy. The deposit must be paid. The lease and all pertinent papers will be signed.
  3. RENT: Pro-rated rent will be charged from the date the property is “rent ready” and be paid on the date the lease is signed.
  4. UTILITIES: Local utilities must be established in the tenant’s name by the tenant before the check-in. The utility company will require a deposit. This receipt must be brought to the check-in. Puget Sound Energy and LeMay utilities will be established by the tenant over the phone at the time of check-in.
  5. CHECK-IN APPOINTMENT: On the day of the check-in appointment, bring all utility receipts, the deposit and the pro-rated rent to our office. The co-signer, if required, must sign the rental agreement before or at the time of the check-in. A representative from our office will conduct a move in condition inspection which will be provided at your appointment. Our office staff will review the leasing documents with you. If the property has an on-site manager, they will conduct the leasing process. Keys will be issued after all paperwork has been completed and signed.